Cuck, VFW, Priceless, The Unsettling, The Last Ship, Killer Women, Dig

Ray Donovan, Maron, Manhattan, Arizona, Furthest Witness, Godless

Ray Donovan (Showtime)                                           Maron (IFC)                                                Washed

             True Detective (HBO)                              Manhattan (WGN)                            The Last Ship (TNT)       
              Killer Women (ABC)                                     Dig (USA)                       Flirting With Madness (Lifetime)
            iCarly (Nickelodeon)                            The Night Shift (NBC)                               Figure of Speech
              Dead Man's Burden                          Outlaw Prophet (Lifetime)                         The Custom Mary
                  The 2000 Man                                     The Big Crumble                                  Beard the Lion
     Atheists Anonymous                                  Rock Jocks                                              Mending